How to download Instagram videos and photos online

Here’s a guide to the best, free, quickest, and easiest Instagram Video Downloader.

Instagram is the best place to share your moments with others by uploading short video clips but you won’t find a way to download the videos you like from the official app so you would love to use an instant and easy Instagram video downloader.

Instagram video and photo downloader
Instagram video and photo downloader

Finding it difficult to save the videos to watch them offline?
We have a perfect and easy-to-use solution to help you download the Insta video.

Learn what it is and how to use it

Use our Absolutely Free Video Downloader for downloading Insta videos immediately!

There are not many video downloaders for Instagram. Even if you find one, it won’t get the quality, you are looking for. After facing and managing these issues, we have come up with an Instagram video downloader. It runs on PC, Android, iOS, and wherever else you want to.

People were so excited when the videos option was introduced on Instagram but the thing is you can only view these videos you have no option to save them, isn’t that heartbreaking?

No more at all.

Now, you can view videos back to back and save them also only by a few steps. See how in the next section.

Instagram video downloader

As downloading videos option is not available on official Instagram so to smooth down the downloader’s experience we have developed an easy downloader. Here you can download high-quality full HD videos within minutes.

How to download a video with an Instagram video downloader

Step 1: Open the link

Step 2: Paste the URL of the video in the given space.

Instagram video and photo downloader
Instagram video and photo downloader

Step 3: You will now be able to view the video on left. The video is ready to download now.

Step 4: Click on the Download Link to save the Video.

In case you are new to Instagram or not using it, you should learn more about it from here:

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a best-running social networking app that is known for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone. Insta soon added the option to filter photos. It is somehow similar to Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

You need to create an account by filling sufficient entities with this you will manage to get your own profile and view updates of your friends. Similarly, whenever you post something in your status it will be shown on your profile. Your followers will be able to see your posts and vice-versa.

You can even text who-so-ever you want to be followed by them or by following them. There are options to tag, like, share, comment and message. You can also save the pictures you want. It is just like Facebook or even simpler than, that which has enhanced visual sharing and mobile use. Instagram runs for free on Androids and iOS devices.

What are the benefits of using Instagram Free Video Downloader?

Instagram is highly used for sharing videos by private or personal accounts to add others to their special moments. But the videos on top keep on changing, which almost disallows you to see the same video again. Additionally, Insta has no link to save videos. With this app, you can save it in your storage and repost it on Insta whenever you want.


With Instagram Video Downloader, it takes no time to save the video. You can easily watch it later whenever you want to. Whether you are offline or online, you can always check these videos out. You will not expense your data if you are repeating your favorite video numerous times. So, use this easy downloader and enjoy the Instagram videos offline now. Download and enjoy.

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