How to download Instagram Photos & Videos on iPhone

Is there any video or photo you have seen on any Instagram account of yours or your friend, and you would love to keep that with you?

If this is in your mind then, for sure you are going to search for a method that will help you to do that easily and flawlessly. Here, we are with the safest, easiest, and quickest way to download Instagram photos and videos on iPhone. But, before letting you know about the process of downloading pictures and videos from Instagram, we want you to find out the need for Instagram photos and videos download.

The demand for Downloading Instagram photos and videos

Basically, technology made everything easy. Whatever, we want can be done easily with the use of technical and professional applications and software applications.

There are 90% of Instagram users who follow their friends and officemates over the Instagram account. Often, it happens that they want to download some photos and videos from the Instagram accounts of their friends as they liked them.

So, why they can’t do it? Where are the limitations?

The hurdle is that Instagram doesn’t allow downloading and saving photos and videos of others. This is due to safety causes applied in this app.

By the way, why worry when we are in this technical era where we can find the right solution for this issue, and the solution has the name Instagram Downloader.

See how it can be used to download Instagram photos and videos on iPhone

Check out how it works for you when you want to download videos and photos on your iPhone:

Step 1: Open the Instagram Account in the browser of your choice (Safari, Chrome, etc.) or iOS app
This step helps you to open your Instagram account on your iPhone

Step 2: Click the Instagram photo or video on iPhone
This step assists you to get a preview of a photo or video

Step 3: In the browser Copy the URL and in iOS Instagram Application, click on 3 dots and click on Copy the URL
This step will get you the Photo or Video link

Step 4: Paste the link of the Instagram photo or video in our Instagram photo and video downloader tool

Our Instagram photo and video downloader
Our Instagram photo and video downloader

Step 5: Click on the Download Now button.
This step makes you able to download selected Instagram photos/videos on your iPhone

Conclusion: So, you have seen that the process of downloading Instagram videos and photos on your iPhone is not typical. It takes a few minutes of yours when you are in need to execute this process without being bothered.

Try this method now and get a quick download of selected photos/videos on your iPhone in seconds!

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