How to download Instagram photos & videos on Android

The demand for having social media accounts is not hidden these days. All of us who are willing to be connected with friends and known have Facebook, Instagram, and other social accounts. And on the rise is also the demand for a way to download Instagram Photos & Videos on Android Phones.

Instagram users are little restricted of downloading photos and videos from accounts of other Instagram users. Why we are mentioning it, is the increasing demand for saving Instagram photos/videos.

The easiest solution to make this task smoothly possible is using some professional and simple tools. We have such one amazing application for you named Instagram Downloader. With this application, Instagram users can easily download photos and videos on iPhone, Android phones, and other devices.

See how this tool assists you for quick download of Instagram photos & video

Follow the simplest process of downloading Instagram videos and photos on Android phone in the given steps:

Step 1: Choose the browser of your choice no matter it is Safari or Chrome or any other browser.

In this step, you should open an Instagram account on your Android phone.

Step 2: Pick the Instagram video or photo on your Android Phone. It could be something like an Action Figure page that displays action figures, or whatever you want.

In this step, you will be able to have a quick look at an Instagram photos or video

Step 3: Click on 3 dots, if you want to proceed it is for Android iPhone, and if it goes on the browser you selected click on Copy the URL.

In this step, you should get the link to an Instagram video or photo you want to download.

Step 4: Paste the link of the Instagram photo or video in our Instagram Downloader browser app, follow the Download Now tab

In this step, you can get the downloadable links to the Instagram videos or photos you selected on your Android phone

Instagram video and photo downloader
Instagram video and photo downloader

Conclusion: Here, we have shown you the simplest and safest method of downloading Instagram photos and videos on an Android phone. The process is as simple as to be followed by non-technical and novice users. On the other end, it has the benefits of executing the download of Instagram photos & videos on Android phones, iPhones different browsers, etc.

In this way, it makes you confident enough to keep the data over the laptop and desktop too. In the end, we ask you to try it once before you make any perception of the Instagram Downloader app.

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