Download Instagram Videos and Images easily

Instagram has become the trend of the century. The platform is used for sharing pictures among not just family and friends, but also with millions of people. A recent survey recorded that over 80 million images are being shared daily on Instagram.

The only minor inconvenience the platform delivers is not providing the users with an option to save or download an image or a video. The users can post pictures and videos, but cannot download anything from the application. It’s a little disappointing for the users when they constantly explore a myriad of videos or images and, find some of them worthy of saving or sharing among family and friends who are not on Instagram, but are unable to do so. Nonetheless, there are certain ways one can get hold of their favorite Instagram videos and images.


Since no download option has been provided by Instagram itself, therefore, the help of an external application is requisite. There are many free applications available on the internet for this very purpose. These apps can be downloaded from Google Play absolutely free of charge. Among these free downloading apps, one is InstaDPY.

The application is super easy to handle. The users need not worry about logging in on Instagram or the website every time they want to download something. They will just have to copy the URLs of their desired image or video, paste it on the tab given on InstaDPY and just hit the ‘Download Now’ button. Nothing complex, mind-twisting process, just sit back and keep hitting the ‘download now’ button.

Since InstaDPY doesn’t restrict the number of pictures and videos that can be downloaded, one can create his or her own enormous collection of Instagram photos as well as videos. The website also doesn’t bother the users with unnecessary membership plans, which can be really annoying sometimes. Also, the website is accessible through all gadgets, be it a mobile, a pc, or a tablet.

So, instead of wasting time on transferring files from the mobile to pc, you can always use InstaDPY in pc and save the files directly there. Also while most Instagram users access their accounts on their handsets, there are still a few who like to access their accounts on their personal computers or laptops.

How to download Instagram videos and images

To download Instagram videos and images for free on your personal computer with this website, you can follow these basic steps:

  1. Log in to your Instagram account.
  2. Click on the three vertical dots that can be seen on the upper right side of any post on Instagram. You will be given a few options, among which, one will suggest the copying of the URL of that particular photograph or video.

    Copy image link
    Copy image link
  3. Copy the URL of the Instagram picture or the video you wish to download.

    Copy the link
    Copy the link
  4. Once you select your favorite pictures to download, you will be asked by Instadp to choose a location to save the download.

    Download the image
    Download the image
  5. Save the download in the desired location.

You can also save your Instagram pictures and videos while posting them. It’s the easiest way to save your pictures or videos; with all the editing (if any) you have applied to the picture, on your device. This feature is accessible on all the mobiles, regardless of whether it is an Android handset or an IOS one.

It’s as simple a task as eating a cake. Just go to your Instagram profile and tap on the Options icon. This is presented as a settings icon on IOS devices and as a hamburger menu on Android devices. Just slide the save original pictures settings to on and you are good to go.

What devices can I use?

No matter what the device of your choice is, the trending Instagram photographs, as well as videos, will be within your reach even offline, thanks to third-party software such as the InstaDPY. Now you can be merry over being able to save your crush’s photographs, your favorite celebrities’ latest snaps, or even those funny videos you want to share with your family or friend group on WhatsApp.

Save the pictures of your favourite dresses, shoes and other accessories that will help you to design or style outfits for different occasions. Now you will be able to visit your favorite images and videos time and again, without having to break your neck trying to find them all over Instagram.

Please note that the applications and services are in no way affiliated with Instagram. It is independent third-party software. Instagram doesn’t allow the downloading of any post from their platform, but that’s what these sites are here for, to help you download Instagram posts.

Don’t wait any longer and download Instagram videos and images for free, you have always wanted to save them as your personal collection.



Instagram Security Settings – Are You Safe?

Instagram has been the most popular social network for quite some time now. It amassed millions of users over a relatively short period. Being that it’s a social platform that is mostly based on sharing content that can be considered private, it’s only natural to question the safety of this information. So how safe is your content on Instagram? The founders of this incredibly simple yet amazing app paid a lot of attention to securing the privacy of each user.

Instagram is ensuring the safety of your content in more than one way. By setting your Instagram profile security settings to private, you can choose your audience. This way only followers will be able to have access to your content. The “followers” concept allows you to choose to whom your content is going to be available. Furthermore, you can allow or deny a “following” request. This gives your complete control over your audience as well as your private content.

Manually pick

Next to this, there is an option to choose particular individuals that will be able to see your content. Once you manually pick them and list them as users that you want to share your current post with, no one else but them will have access to that content. Furthermore, you can block a particular user on Instagram. By blocking a person on Instagram, you disable their follower’s privileges and deny access to your content.

This is a great option as it provides further protection for Instagram users. As the last step of defense, you can report a user if their activity regarding your posts is disrespectful or insulting in any way. However, you will have to specify a reason for reporting that person. With these Instagram security settings, you alone decide who is going to see your photos and posts.

Can You See Who Is Looking At Your Instagram Profile?

Being concerned for the safety of your content on Instagram is one thing. However trying to find ways to track the activity of another user, to ensure that no one is intruding on your privacy, is an entirely different thing. No one is able to see your content without your approval. There are apps that allegedly allow users to see private content on Instagram, but breaching Instagram security is no easy task.

There were reports that Instagram accounts were hacked in the past, but again, there was no proof behind these speculations either. Instagram founders invested a lot of funds in the development of their security settings. So it is highly unlikely that a simple app can go past their security system and allow access to your content.

Read also: Instagram is Not as Private as You Might Think

To conclude on this topic. No, you can’t see who is looking at your Instagram profile only because no one can have access to your posts unless you allow them to. If you had the option to monitor the activity of certain profiles, it wouldn’t make you any different from them. There is no need to question your safety on Instagram as you alone decide how safe your content is.

With so many options to protect your privacy, it’s highly unlikely that someone will spend hours figuring out a way to breach it. One thing is for sure, if someone does manage to breach their security system and access your content it won’t be via an app. Every system has a backdoor. Major companies actually encourage experts in reverse engineering to attempt to find and exploit their systems. But this is done for the purposes of improving the Instagram security system rather than exploiting it.

Should I Set My Instagram Profile to Private?

Depending on what you want to achieve with your Instagram profile you’ll either set your profile to private, or public. Both of these Instagram security settings have advantages and flaws, but again, it depends on how you intend to use your publicity on Instagram.

When using your Instagram account for business purposes, it’s best to stick to a public approach. When creating a brand, you’ll want as much audience as you can get. By setting your profile to public, you’ll have access to huge numbers of users.

Example of a private Instagram user
Example of a private Instagram user

Your goal is to get your brand recognized and create connections. And what better way to do that than by letting everyone see your content. According to a study, that was conducted last year in December, Instagram had more than 600 million active users on a monthly basis.

Sheer numbers of active users attract business companies to use Instagram for advertisement purposes. So why would you act any different? If you have the opportunity to advertise your service, product, or anything else via Instagram why wouldn’t you? Furthermore, what other logical thing is there to do than to change your Instagram security settings into public, if you haven’t done so already.

On the other hand, if you’re using Instagram for social reasons, you might want to go about it with a private profile. Having a private profile with a limited amount of followers allows you to control your audience completely. If you’re not comfortable sharing your content with just about anyone, having a private profile is exactly what you need.

The first obvious reason is that you don’t want your family to see what you’re up to every weekend. So the first thing that you need to do is change the security settings of your profile to private. This way even if you do get a “following” request from a person you don’t want to share content with, you can ignore it or deny it.

Is There a Way to See Private Instagram Profiles?

If you’ve been trying to figure out a way to see a private profile, you might have found a couple of apps that allow you to do so along the way. You probably have your own reasons to do so that will justify your interests in this action which goes against Instagram’s privacy policy. Some apps guarantee you’ll be able to see the content on private or otherwise locked profiles.

The problem is that no one can verify whether they actually work or not. There are many forms of scams online. And an app that allegedly allows you to bypass one of the most successful social network security systems could be one of them.

Adding two-factor authenticator to your Instagram account
Adding a two-factor authenticator to your Instagram account

But let’s look at the concept of these apps. Most of them either require you to download their app or to use their online service. You need to provide your Instagram account as well as the account you’re after. Once you do that, they will supposedly start working on removing the restrictions, whether you’ve been blocked or denied access to that account.

After they’re done processing the data, they will magically grant you access to that profile’s content. Again, there was no official confirms that these apps actually work, so if you intend to use them it’s at your own risk.

Even in a scenario that they do exist, they wouldn’t last for long. Sooner or later they would be discovered and reported. So if you do happen to find one that works, have in mind that it won’t be available online forever. Either this or it’s kept as a secret for so long that no one knows it exists. But if no one knows about it, what’s the use of it?

Instagram for Parents – What You Need to Know

Being a parent in modern-day society isn’t an easy task. With so many ways to acquire information, it’s only natural to be overprotective about your kids. Content that is considered inappropriate for your kids can be found everywhere. Knowing how much time your children spend on a social network, it’s absolutely normal to be concerned about their safety out there.

Can You Access Your Teen’s Profile?

Unfortunately, no one can have access to another profile’s content on Instagram, as we’ve established before. Instagram appreciates your concerns, but it would simply go against their privacy policy if they were to allow you to do so.

The only way you can have access to their profile, and control their activity, is if they were to give you their password. This way can have access to their profile whenever they’re not using it. So the first line of defense against unwanted attention is to talk to your kids and establish a healthy relationship. Parental guidance is the best thing you can do for them.

How to handle finding disturbing content on your teen's phone
How to handle finding disturbing content on your teen’s phone

If this doesn’t work, you can simply forbid them from using Instagram. However, it’s not advised to do so for one reason. This kind of limitation will actually encourage them to do exactly the opposite of what you tell them to do. They can access Instagram from any device that has an internet connection.

Your child can create an account without you knowing it. So again, instead of limiting their freedom, you need to explain the situation and your concerns. Furthermore, make sure that you mention the dangers of using the internet. As long as they’re fully aware of what can go wrong, you’ll be able to let them decide how their actions will affect their life.

General Safety Tips

Private and Public Profiles

When creating an account on Instagram, you’ll be prompted to set your visibility as private or public. This will determine whether your posts are available for everyone or only for your followers. You have the option of denying or accepting a “following” request as well. So before you chose to accept a particular person as your follower, make sure that you see what they’re up to.

Sharing Options

One of the options that you have when posting your content on Instagram is to share your location. The option to “check-in” will show every other user on Instagram your location at that time. If you aren’t comfortable with sharing your location, you can always uncheck this option before you post anything.

Blocking and Reporting

If you have a public profile and notice disrespectful behavior from another person on your posts, you can block or report them. This way Instagram will send them a warning notification, mentioning that someone has reported their actions. It’s advised to do so only in scenarios when this particular account’s actions go against Instagram’s privacy policy.

Furthermore, you’ll have to mention the reason for reporting this person. You can also send a complaint letter to Instagram, describing in detail why you consider someone’s actions disrespectful. Once you’re complaint letter or report has been processed, Instagram will either ban that person for a limited amount of time or delete their account.

Instagram security tips
Instagram security tips

Final Words

With technology evolving at a rate we can barely follow, it’s only natural to be concerned about the safety of your data. You’re responsible for the content that you chose to share online, as well as for your actions. Every social network out there is constantly working on improving the quality of its services and finding new ways to adapt to public needs.

There is a number of subsidiary companies that focuses on fixing the security settings each day on these social networks. So before you think that you aren’t safe on any of these social platforms, bear in mind that their developers had the same concerns on your behalf. Knowing the gravity, they’ve surely paid a lot of attention to security settings. So it all comes back to you.

How you manage your accounts, actions and posts will affect your exposure to unwanted attention. Even if you do feel threatened, you can always take legal action if reports via their services don’t work. But these are extreme cases, and it’s not advised to do so before you make sure that there is no other way. Dealing with absolutes is the last line of defense against the breach of privacy.


How to download Instagram videos and photos online

Here’s a guide to the best, free, quickest, and easiest Instagram Video Downloader.

Instagram is the best place to share your moments with others by uploading short video clips but you won’t find a way to download the videos you like from the official app so you would love to use an instant and easy Instagram video downloader.

Instagram video and photo downloader
Instagram video and photo downloader

Finding it difficult to save the videos to watch them offline?
We have a perfect and easy-to-use solution to help you download the Insta video.

Learn what it is and how to use it

Use our Absolutely Free Video Downloader for downloading Insta videos immediately!

There are not many video downloaders for Instagram. Even if you find one, it won’t get the quality, you are looking for. After facing and managing these issues, we have come up with an Instagram video downloader. It runs on PC, Android, iOS, and wherever else you want to.

People were so excited when the videos option was introduced on Instagram but the thing is you can only view these videos you have no option to save them, isn’t that heartbreaking?

No more at all.

Now, you can view videos back to back and save them also only by a few steps. See how in the next section.

Instagram video downloader

As downloading videos option is not available on official Instagram so to smooth down the downloader’s experience we have developed an easy downloader. Here you can download high-quality full HD videos within minutes.

How to download a video with an Instagram video downloader

Step 1: Open the link

Step 2: Paste the URL of the video in the given space.

Instagram video and photo downloader
Instagram video and photo downloader

Step 3: You will now be able to view the video on left. The video is ready to download now.

Step 4: Click on the Download Link to save the Video.

In case you are new to Instagram or not using it, you should learn more about it from here:

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a best-running social networking app that is known for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone. Insta soon added the option to filter photos. It is somehow similar to Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

You need to create an account by filling sufficient entities with this you will manage to get your own profile and view updates of your friends. Similarly, whenever you post something in your status it will be shown on your profile. Your followers will be able to see your posts and vice-versa.

You can even text who-so-ever you want to be followed by them or by following them. There are options to tag, like, share, comment and message. You can also save the pictures you want. It is just like Facebook or even simpler than, that which has enhanced visual sharing and mobile use. Instagram runs for free on Androids and iOS devices.

What are the benefits of using Instagram Free Video Downloader?

Instagram is highly used for sharing videos by private or personal accounts to add others to their special moments. But the videos on top keep on changing, which almost disallows you to see the same video again. Additionally, Insta has no link to save videos. With this app, you can save it in your storage and repost it on Insta whenever you want.


With Instagram Video Downloader, it takes no time to save the video. You can easily watch it later whenever you want to. Whether you are offline or online, you can always check these videos out. You will not expense your data if you are repeating your favorite video numerous times. So, use this easy downloader and enjoy the Instagram videos offline now. Download and enjoy.


How to download Instagram photos & videos on Android

The demand for having social media accounts is not hidden these days. All of us who are willing to be connected with friends and known have Facebook, Instagram, and other social accounts. And on the rise is also the demand for a way to download Instagram Photos & Videos on Android Phones.

Instagram users are little restricted of downloading photos and videos from accounts of other Instagram users. Why we are mentioning it, is the increasing demand for saving Instagram photos/videos.

The easiest solution to make this task smoothly possible is using some professional and simple tools. We have such one amazing application for you named Instagram Downloader. With this application, Instagram users can easily download photos and videos on iPhone, Android phones, and other devices.

See how this tool assists you for quick download of Instagram photos & video

Follow the simplest process of downloading Instagram videos and photos on Android phone in the given steps:

Step 1: Choose the browser of your choice no matter it is Safari or Chrome or any other browser.

In this step, you should open an Instagram account on your Android phone.

Step 2: Pick the Instagram video or photo on your Android Phone. It could be something like an Action Figure page that displays action figures, or whatever you want.

In this step, you will be able to have a quick look at an Instagram photos or video

Step 3: Click on 3 dots, if you want to proceed it is for Android iPhone, and if it goes on the browser you selected click on Copy the URL.

In this step, you should get the link to an Instagram video or photo you want to download.

Step 4: Paste the link of the Instagram photo or video in our Instagram Downloader browser app, follow the Download Now tab

In this step, you can get the downloadable links to the Instagram videos or photos you selected on your Android phone

Instagram video and photo downloader
Instagram video and photo downloader

Conclusion: Here, we have shown you the simplest and safest method of downloading Instagram photos and videos on an Android phone. The process is as simple as to be followed by non-technical and novice users. On the other end, it has the benefits of executing the download of Instagram photos & videos on Android phones, iPhones different browsers, etc.

In this way, it makes you confident enough to keep the data over the laptop and desktop too. In the end, we ask you to try it once before you make any perception of the Instagram Downloader app.


How Instagram affects body image

The way people perceive each other changes from day to day in this fast-paced world we live in today. Before, everyone would only be able to share their opinion on things they knew. If they did not know somebody, they would usually refrain from any comments.

But today we live in a world where individuals from all over the world can connect and share their thoughts and opinions on things they maybe don’t know anything about. In some cases had a positive effect, but in others had devastating.

Young people on Instagram

The biggest users of this social platform are young people. Over 50% of users of this app are teenagers. As we all know being a teenager is hard. You get in contact with things that you have not seen before, and you get in situations that maybe you should not be in.

How and why do 13-24 year-old use Instagram
How and why do 13-24 year-olds use Instagram

Regardless of that this social media platform has special rules and guidelines that they enforce on people who want to harm others. But they can’t help a teenager when it comes to their own perception of their body.

Instagram is famous because thousands of beautiful posts get uploaded every minute. Most of those pictures have perfectly fit and happy people in them. The average teenager sees this and thinks that his or her body is not good enough by social standards.

That can have a detrimental effect on people and their sense of self-worth in the future. The smart thing would be to keep your kids informed and tell them that they should separate regular lives from their perfect online lives.

Adults on Instagram

The body image issue is not just present in teenagers. It also could leave a bad experience for the adults that use this social media platform. As people finish their work and go home feeling tired, many go online to relax and shut their brains off for a while.

As they are serving thousands of pictures on this app, many get a feeling of depression since they don’t have the kind of lives that you can see on many popular profiles. There have been many studies linking increased depression with people who use social media platforms. Instagram is one of the biggest and has the most effect on people.

Young adults love Instagram
Young adults love Instagram

The biggest danger is that you can’t figure out what’s going on when a friend or a family member starts suffering from depression. Some cases have ended in tragedy because of social media and the people living in the same home didn’t have a clue about what’s going on.

The pros and cons of using Instagram

There are many reasons why one should use this particular social media platform, but like everything in this world, there are also negative sides if used more than recommended.

The Pros of using Instagram

  • You can connect with many of your friends
  • There are a lot of amazing artwork
  • You can find out about special offers in your local business
  • You can cheer up when you are down
  • There are lots of cat and dog videos, and everyone loves those!

The Cons of using Instagram

  • Some posts can get you even sadder when you are feeling down
  • Some people are more interested in their image online than their real image
  • There are lot of adult content on a social media platforms that is used by kids
  • Lots of your friends spend time nurturing their relationships on Instagram but so much in real life
  • It is one of the biggest invaders of privacy

We understand that everyone has their reasons why something is good or bad, and we believe that you might agree with some of these thoughts. The most important thing is to understand that you are in charge of your life on every social media app and you should only do what makes you happy.

How to protect yourself on Instagram

Instagram has put some forms of protection for the average user when it comes to harmful things. The rules and policies that they practice prohibit complete nudity and hate speech. If you want to protect yourself or your kids even, you would have to change a few things.

Instagram feature for limiting 'sensitive' content
Instagram feature for limiting ‘sensitive’ content

We would recommend that you filter for explicit content, which will protect you from many forms of gore, partial nudity, and things considered controversial. Additionally, if anyone is bothering you, you can block them making all your posts invisible to them. There is no limit to how many persons you can block so if anyone gets on your nerves hit that block button.

The best way to keep yourself safe on this social media platform is to lock your Instagram account with everyone that doesn’t know you. However, you should know that even if you put your account on private mode, there are ways other people can see your Instagram profile picture at full-size accounts. The only way to ultimately keep your privacy intact is to avoid creating an account, but that may be too harsh.

How Instagram stories stole the show

The new feature that Instagram implemented not so long ago is “Instagram stories.” That gives you the ability to share your whole day while still not over-posting. The location of these stories is at the top part of your Instagram app, and that is where all the feed from the stories will constantly be updated.

Many have said that they have ripped off snap chat and integrated this feature into their app, and we agree with them. But we also don’t think this is a bad thing! Snapchat has been declining in users for quite some time and Instagram being the most popular of all social media platforms just created a new stage for the users of Snapchat to continue and do their thing.

Instagram stories statistics (Source-RivalIQ)
Instagram stories statistics (Source-RivalIQ)

We can’t wait for new features that Instagram is surely going to implement in the future because all the ones so far have been a huge success.

Final words

As you can see, social media can be very harmful to your self-confidence because people don’t always think about what they say. If you realize that you’re too affected by Instagram, you should change the way you use it, or take a break for some time. Your health and feelings are far more important than the number of your followers.


How to track someone on Instagram

The popular social network Instagram has fans and real Insta lovers growing strong for years now, who begin and end their day with the most daring (and most successful) photographs. An average person spends 70 percent of their time selecting the perfect Instagram profile. And you most definitely want to know how to track someone on Instagram.

This is the average statistic, so it is not that relevant, but for most people, especially in the fashion world, this percentage is approximate to its value. Just think about the amount of time you spend in making the perfect shot, setting, finding the right filters, writing witty titles, and all the time making sure that your photo looks attractive.

Example of a private Instagram user
Example of a private Instagram user

Instagram Privacy

Instagram mainly provides the ability to look at someone’s photos whenever you want to, without asking permission from the owner of the profile. There is also the option to lock your profile and in these situations, you have to ask for permission to take a peek into the profile. Many times we want to check on our ex or maybe our new boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend but we don’t want to be caught looking and we certainly don’t want to ask to follow them. If their profile is locked we have a way to bypass that rule and look at the private profiles and track someone on Instagram without being caught.

This wasn’t an easy or fast job but we put all of our resources in and with a great team were able to develop this application after over seven months of testing and coding, we can say that we are truly happy that we can share this achievement with you. You can find more info about the app on our homepage and explore the features.

Instagram tracking application and its use

In the main, the Instagram spy app is a software or an application that allows you to see and enter private profiles without their permission. Even if you don’t have an Instagram account made and you don’t know the person yourself and just want to check someone’s account, by using our app you will have the chance to look at any Instagram profile you want to anytime. If someone blocked you or maybe you do not have permission to look at someone else’s profile, this is the software you want to use.

With it, you can see locked or blocked profiles quickly and easily. Sometimes just out of curiosity, we want to look at someone’s profile and it is a pretty boring thing to wait for them to accept your follow request so you can see their account. In order to use this software, you don’t have to install or download anything and it is completely undetectable.

Since you don’t give away any personal information there is no way that you can be detected. All you have to do is have a good Internet connection and use our online software to track any person on Instagram. If you want to see the exact location of an Instagram user on the map you can try using an online cell phone tracking app. There is no limit to viewing Instagram profiles, you can track as long as you like. Where do you draw a line? That is completely up to you.

Features and Benefits

instagram spy features and benefits

This app is compatible with all smart devices so it doesn’t matter if you are accessing the page with your Android, iOs, Mac, or PC. As long as you have a good internet connection you are set to go. This private viewer is totally web-based, which means it provides you with a complementary layer of privacy. This works in a few easy steps, very often you must enter Instagram profile info and you will be allowed an online approach to the account. After that, you can download photos, videos, and other data or just look at them online.

In today’s cyber world it is normal to spy on other people. We actually do it all the time. We look at photos of strangers sometimes just out of the curiosity. Also, when we want to know where some person is hanging out most of the time, where he/she works, what he/she studies, and what is their interest, we look for the information on their profiles on social networks. Spying and tracking people on Instagram is today’s reality and it allows us to see behind the curtains and look at their secrets.

But then again, if it is on The Internet it is not quite a secret. So if you were wondering if you can see private and blocked profiles and look at private accounts the answer is you can. You don’t have to be a follower in order to do that. Just use our app and you will be allowed to enter the hidden profiles and stay undetected. Nothing can be hidden from you from now on. Explore any profile without requesting anyone.


How to download Instagram Photos & Videos on iPhone

Is there any video or photo you have seen on any Instagram account of yours or your friend, and you would love to keep that with you?

If this is in your mind then, for sure you are going to search for a method that will help you to do that easily and flawlessly. Here, we are with the safest, easiest, and quickest way to download Instagram photos and videos on iPhone. But, before letting you know about the process of downloading pictures and videos from Instagram, we want you to find out the need for Instagram photos and videos download.

The demand for Downloading Instagram photos and videos

Basically, technology made everything easy. Whatever, we want can be done easily with the use of technical and professional applications and software applications.

There are 90% of Instagram users who follow their friends and officemates over the Instagram account. Often, it happens that they want to download some photos and videos from the Instagram accounts of their friends as they liked them.

So, why they can’t do it? Where are the limitations?

The hurdle is that Instagram doesn’t allow downloading and saving photos and videos of others. This is due to safety causes applied in this app.

By the way, why worry when we are in this technical era where we can find the right solution for this issue, and the solution has the name Instagram Downloader.

See how it can be used to download Instagram photos and videos on iPhone

Check out how it works for you when you want to download videos and photos on your iPhone:

Step 1: Open the Instagram Account in the browser of your choice (Safari, Chrome, etc.) or iOS app
This step helps you to open your Instagram account on your iPhone

Step 2: Click the Instagram photo or video on iPhone
This step assists you to get a preview of a photo or video

Step 3: In the browser Copy the URL and in iOS Instagram Application, click on 3 dots and click on Copy the URL
This step will get you the Photo or Video link

Step 4: Paste the link of the Instagram photo or video in our Instagram photo and video downloader tool

Our Instagram photo and video downloader
Our Instagram photo and video downloader

Step 5: Click on the Download Now button.
This step makes you able to download selected Instagram photos/videos on your iPhone

Conclusion: So, you have seen that the process of downloading Instagram videos and photos on your iPhone is not typical. It takes a few minutes of yours when you are in need to execute this process without being bothered.

Try this method now and get a quick download of selected photos/videos on your iPhone in seconds!


Instagram is Not as Private as You Might Think

In today’s digital world, people share all kinds of information over multiple social media platforms on the Internet; information consisting of your pictures, little stories about what has happened during your day, private information like your home address, and your job.

But the important question is: is your privacy protected on those platforms? Many of these social network sites have a huge user base, and they need to have a good privacy policy so their users can enjoy the platform without the risk of sharing their private information with the rest of the world.

As a user, you have to remember that once something finds its way on the Internet, it’s hard to get it off. So always think about what you are posting and how it can affect you and your life. One of those massive social media networks is Instagram.
Here we will analyze what methods they use to protect their users and the privacy of those users.

Your Privacy on Instagram is not Protected as Good as You Might Think

Instagram was released in October 2010 and since then has become extremely popular with its number of users increasing every day. Kevin Systrom, the co-founder of Instagram, announced in 2015 that the number has grown to over 300 million users. A quick google search today will show that it has risen above 1 billion registered and active accounts.

Instagram users from 2013 to 2021 in millions
Instagram users from 2013 to 2021 in millions

Gaining new followers on a social platform that big is hard and takes a lot of time. As the platform keeps changing every year to accommodate the rise in popularity, like adding new features, people that use Instagram also resort to different techniques and ways with the goal of gaining new followers.

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For instance, Instagram has allowed its users to link their accounts with other social networks that include:

  • Foursquare
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Twitter

Linking your accounts will allow you to upload a picture on Instagram, but make it appear on all the sites you have linked. But does that make your account safer or more prone to privacy invasions?

Users on Instagram combat these privacy concerns by making their accounts private. This is also one of the techniques for gaining new followers as everyone who wants to be able to see the content on your account has to follow you.

Why do People Make Their Profiles Private on Instagram?

While Instagram is a social network that focuses on picture-sharing the users can also add different filters and digital effects to those pictures making them different in their unique way. Once a photo is uploaded to an Instagram profile other users can like, comment, and share that photo, but not if the profile is private.

Example of a private Instagram user
Example of a private Instagram user

Many users set their profiles on private, so only people who become their followers can see their content. It’s one way of ensuring you get a steady income of new followers while you also have a base amount of people who can see your content. And many people think users who are not their followers can’t see the activity on their account. And they are wrong.

Private Profiles not so Private Anymore

Many people won’t like that their private profile can be seen by others who don’t follow them. But for users that don’t want to follow everyone this tool gives them the power to see other people’s content on Instagram. Usually, the person who sets their profile private does so just to get new followers, and most of the time they don’t follow back.

Which, if you ask us, is kind of a one-sided relationship where you help them gain more followers while you get nothing in return. The users who don’t like Instagram’s privacy features can use the Instaspy app to bypass those features and decide whose followers they want to become.

Is there a Way to Limit These Privacy Intrusions on Your Instagram Account?

In short, no. To grasp how Instagram works you first need to understand that it has a huge user base, with over 1 billion users. Instagram, apparently, does not know when this application is being used in that massive userbase pool. Looking for a particular user in its massive 1 billion user base is like looking for one specific fish in the sea.

While technology is always getting new upgrades, and Instagram implements new features in its app, its privacy rules are also under constant controversy. With many people are not happy about how some of their features work. The founders of Instagram have made promises to stop privacy invasions like this app, and other ways of privacy intrusion, but nothing has been done so far.

Adding two-factor authenticator to your Instagram account
Adding a two-factor authenticator to your Instagram account

With the private profile feature, many people are forced into following accounts just to be able to view content, for instance, news profiles on Instagram. We believe that Instagram should revise its features of attracting new followers for their users. As long as there is an element that promotes something being forced on the user, there will be users who find ways to bypass that rule.

And once that feature is bypassed by one, many others will follow making it a failed privacy feature. It’s also a bad feature when one gets every benefit from the follower while the other side gets nothing. For instance, users that have millions of followers who have made a career and earned money on Instagram, but don’t follow their user base back giving nothing in return.

We hope that you found our app helpful and that this article has explained to you how privacy on Instagram works.


7 Instagram Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About

Everything you need to know about posting better photos and using Instagram can be said in four simple words- improve your research methods. Nowadays, you can find everything about any topic online. The Internet is full of useful information, and this can be your primary source of acquiring knowledge.

You can find books online that can teach you things that people learn in schools and colleges. In other words, the internet is a free means of acquiring knowledge. Regarding the better use of Instagram, you can learn all about art, photography, film, marketing, and advertising in one place. So if you are serious about improving the quality of your posts on Instagram here are a couple of ways to go about it.

Effect and filters

There are various useful books that you can read online and learn what it takes to capture stunning photos. We all know that when it comes to posting on Instagram, the quality of your photos is only one important element that you need to pay attention to. Professional photographers know that everything from the angle, source of light, frames to filters can affect the purity of their photos.

Instagram filters
Instagram filters

This is why they invest time and money in gathering knowledge and tools to provide the best possible photos. So before you think about improving your posts, get the right gear to do so by investing in a decent camera. And Instagram offers more than enough filters and effects to make your photos look amazing just as if you are using a professional camera.

Adding stickers

Talking about how Instagram provides various means for enhancing your photos let’s take a moment and notice the importance of stickers. Every photo or video that you are about to post can be improved with this new feature.

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Adding stickers to your photographs will give the context as they will become more meaningful and self-explanatory thus relieving you of the process of attaching a description to your post. After you’ve taken a photo, simply click on a new sticker button next to drawing and text tools.

Adding text to your video and photo posts

Did you know that next to add stickers you can also add text directly to your photos and videos? This can make your content much more interesting as you can create mini-story-like content. Click on the text icon presented with an upper case and lower case letter “A” next to one another. Not only that you can add text, but you can also choose the style, size, and color of your text.

If you want to increase the size of it, simply click on the vertical three-dot icon. You can also use emojis and mention a friend in your post by typing his name in your text. Every modification like size, color, and position as well are allowed, and it’s all available so that your posts can look better and offer more than just a picture or a video. So improvise and be creative, experiment with effects, and be sure to use a different one for every single post that you share.

Tagging and mentioning

Instagram product tagging
Instagram product tagging

You can also tag a person in your photo by clicking on the menu button, then the “tag” option if you use iOS. If you have an Android phone, simply click anywhere on the photo (this can be a face, object, or part of a body) and a menu will appear where you can type the name of your friend that you want to tag. And if you feel like mentioning someone that you think will appreciate the gesture of associating them with your posts you can do so as well. After you’ve captured a picture, and if you’re tagging someone important and famous make sure that the picture is top quality, simple type @ and their name. After you share your post, they will get a notification that you’ve tagged them.

Expand the reach of your posts

If you feel that the content you are posting on Instagram should also be available on your profile on other social platforms, you can link your account. By doing this, you increase your audience and expand the reach of your posted content. To do so go to account setting and click on link account. From there you can choose which platform you want to use.

You can make your posts reach for more virtual ground by changing the privacy settings of your posts. Maybe you have a public profile on Instagram but a private one on Facebook. To change this go to your Facebook account and find the “who can see your posts” option.

Send a direct message

Although Instagram’s sole purpose is to post and sharing of photos and videos with each, you can also send a private post or a message to your friends. To find this option look for the drawer-like icon in the top right corner of your screen. After you’ve tapped the icon, it shows you the list of all your private messages.

If you want to send a new message to a different recipient that is found in the list click on the x button and type your message. Remember that you can also include your modified photos. It’s as if you’ve shared your photo, except that only your recipient will be able to see it.


How Instagram Changed Society

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has gained the attention of almost 1 billion people worldwide. That is the number of people who actively use this application for sharing photographs and most of them are in their early twenties.

In the company of Twitter and an online social media pioneer Facebook, Instagram finds distinction as a more laid-back, cool option. Its main appeal is simplicity and ease of use, therefore few changes have been incorporated since the software developers gave birth to this platform.

Let’s inspect how an online application of miniature stature is affecting and literally changing the world as we know it. You can use one of many free apps that are available online when you want to view their Instagram profile pictures in full-size detail. The finest things you will stumble upon are aimed at people who have a strong desire for things.


Take a cat-walk world for example. Fashion designers are usually appealing to the Instagram crowd with something that used to be done strictly behind closed doors. What was pretty much confined and encapsulated business in the pre-internet era, today is a set that welcomes public attention.

Instagram fashion post example
Instagram fashion post example

It’s a place where fashion trends dictate reality, not the other way around. If you’re young, good-looking, and possibly charismatic, you could make a career out of this. Many of them already have. But if you have other, say voyeur aspirations, or just want to be a participant in the latest fashion talk, you have also come to the right place.

Millions of people all over the world can’t afford the latest offerings from fashion gurus, but here, they can at least discuss it with the designers themselves. And that makes people feel like they are a part of the picture. Communication with the customer is greatly enhanced.

Designers move their attention from skinny models and put you in their creation process. You can call it to fashion democracy if you like.


Another area where Instagram shines and appeals to a wide range of people is art. Many artists use this platform to showcase their concept design and stages of the creation process itself. It is like a virtual studio, open to everybody. It definitely changed the way we look at this form of human expression. The life and work of an artist are being demystified.


If you like to travel a lot and want to share your experiences from all corners of the globe, you are probably using Instagram already. This application gives us access to pictures we’ll probably never going to replicate by ourselves. Travel agencies and popular brands are even paying professional photographers to devise marketing strategies for their companies.

To such an extent goes the above-mentioned process that today’s most distinguished photographers get their work published on Instagram. It is, simply put, a better form of presenting your ideas, and in a vastly superior way than any traditional media can deliver.

Instagram travel post examples
Instagram travel post examples

You can also discover exotic geographical locations you never knew even existed. Or encounter information about countries that are closed from the public eye due to the conservatism of their political regimes. There are many European and American photographers traveling to North Korea and Iran every year.

Despite the lack of a traditional tourist experience you would normally expect, the cameraman’s eye can get miniature details of everyday life caught up in his lens. Instagram is like a binocular view of other worlds. But sometimes, it steps into the realm of controversy rather than an educational field.


If you happen to be a food lover or a culinary expert, Instagram is the right destination for you. Just like in the case of fashion, trends meet reality here. Exquisite, tasty, and healthy meals can attract a huge crowd if they are presented in a properly flashy manner.

Otherwise, they would certainly not. Most people dining at a restaurant these days disregard their appetite and get in a situation where they are trying to get a better shot of a particular dish, instead of just enjoying the meal. It often gets comical to such an extent that guests are requesting a plate color replacement, in order to get a suitable picture.

Instagram food post example
Instagram food post example


Instagram possesses the means and power to ignite sky-high fame overnight. There are many cases where celebrities exist only in the Internet world. On the other hand, it is a fantastic opportunity for unknown people to gain recognition for their work.

Instagram fame post example
Instagram fame post example

The already mentioned photographers are just a part of the picture. Bullying and so-called “trolling” are also inevitable scenes that you’ll come across if you’re surfing the Instagram waters. Candid shots of celebrities are a particularly sought-after item.

The not so good things

But despite all the praise, there are a couple of potential downsides. According to scientists, you can do real damage to your physical condition with just a single stroll down the Instagram alley. Numerous conducted studies showed alarming results.

People who regularly use social media networks are at greater risk of developing depression and feelings of resentment and loneliness. Low levels of self-esteem were also diagnosed. All these negative aspects were brought in connection with photos shared on Instagram.

When people see Instagram pictures, they tend to think about the “perfect life”. Superficial impression leads to a conclusion that everybody else is living better than us. Everything out there is perfect in our eyes. Then we start comparing that with our reality. And then comes the envy.


Especially dangerous is the industry of good looks. People find themselves asking why they can’t look like some girl or a man who posted his pictures online. One starts to be obsessed not only with his looks but also with the delusive impression that everybody else is looking at him.

That can only lead to madness because there will always be someone who is better looking than you. At least in your own eyes. Tearing apart real-life social connections is also a negative consequence of using online services. Peoples’ real world interaction is not physically interrupted, though.

It is our reality that got so edited by services like Instagram that we find our own lives boring.